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In a nutshell: Mothman is the name given to a flying creature that looked like a giant moth and scared a few people in a small town in West Virginia. He went away, but skeptics think Mothman was really an owl.

Mothman statueSome monsters have turned out to be cases of mistaken identity. "Mothman" was the name given to a night-flying monster that looked like a giant moth and scared some people near Point Pleasant, West Virginia, in 1966-1967. "Mothman" turned out to be a barn owl. The folks in Point Pleasant have made the best of the situation. They now celebrate their mythical monster with a yearly festival. The town also has a small Mothman Museum where souvenirs may be purchased. A statue of "Mothman" stands on a city street to honor the days of the "monster."

Last updated 27-Nov-2012

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