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In a nutshell: Rumpology is the study of rumps to find out about the owner's personality and to predict his future. There is no science that supports this idea.

Rumpology is the study of a person's rump to find out what kind of personality the rump owner has and to figure out what the future holds. I know this sounds like a joke. In fact, it is a joke to many people. But there are a few rumpologists out there, and they take their job as seriously as others who study the wrinkles on palms (palm reading) or faces (metoposcopypronunciation). You might laugh at the idea of the wrinkles, dimples, bumps, and birthmarks on a person's rump being important to who you are or what's going to happen to you in the future. If so, you should probably also laugh at those who use facial features (physiognomy) or the bumps and valleys on the skull (phrenology) to do the same thing that rumpologists do.

When you think about it, rumpologists are not much different from astrologers or graphologists (people who think they can figure out who you are and what's going to happen to you by your handwriting). Graphologists claim they can tell from your handwriting whether you are likely to steal from your boss. There is no scientific evidence that shows your handwriting is a good predictor of how you are going to act in the future. And there's no scientific evidence that shows that a dimple on your left buttock means you're an honest person.

Rumpology is also called butt reading or bottom reading. But whatever you call it, it isn't science. One butt reader claims that the left butt cheek reveals a person's past and the right cheek reveals the future. How she knows this is anybody's guess. My guess is that she just made it up. As silly as this sounds, people send her rump pictures and money. She, in return, sends them rump reports. I won't tell you any more about her except that she is the mother of a famous movie star.

Becoming an expert in rumpology is as easy as becoming an expert reader of tea leaves or Tarot cards (cards with pictures on them that a fortune teller looks at while telling you what's in store for you). You would be amazed at how many people will believe just about anything you tell them.

For more information see my article Rumpology for Dummies.

Last updated 24-Aug-2011

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